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Our Research

The idea for this research came from a group of us who had been in the care system who were at a meeting of The Centre steering committee. We were talking about what research The Centre should do. Our group said it would like to help our workers to understand us better and to know our concerns and what works well for us. So Andy and Nigel and Pauline put together a bid to the Children's Workforce Development Council based on what we said and one of us read it through and made comments before it got sent in.

What did we do?

Our research involved the following:

  • Focus Groups with
    • children and young people
    • Staff
    • Students
  • A survey of all Children's Services Departments in the North-West

Details of our results are in the pages shown in the side menu

Why did we do it?

We want to see more and better involvement of children and young people in the assessment of students and the appraisal of staff in Children’s Services. This in turn should lead to better quality of work with children and young people helping staff to improve skills in listening to children and young people; understanding what children and young people want and being able to act in ways that respect them and their rights.

How we did it

A group of us were trained in research at a residential at Eusemere house in the lake district. This was great fun. Unfortunately due to all sorts of things happening not all of those who went to Eusemere got to do the research and we had to get other people involved to do focus groups.

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